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Serra + Gary Bodker

Bubble Bong

The discreet smokable "art" piece


With its unique design, the Bubble Bong can be displayed at all times without detracting from your impeccable taste.

Colors shown in this order: cobalt, clear, gray, and lapis lazuli

The bent borosilicate downstem makes lighting the borosilicate bowl comfortable and effortless and is also removable for easy cleaning. The soft glass body is handblown and comes in different colors with a range of different accent bubble colors.

Each bong is handmade and unique. Approximately 5” sphere.

Fits standard 14mm bowls

Please note: make sure the downstem is angled away from the mouthpiece when in-use for clean hits.

Available in-store only

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Cleaning instructions

Clean using a mixture of epsom salt and isopropyl alcohol after every use

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